Dopa Hostel

Rooms & Dormitories

We have 7 rooms sorted in vary sizes and beds configurations, letting you free to choose a way of accommodation that fit your preference. We have private rooms for one up to four people, ideal if you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

But firstable we are an hostel! Then if you’re a backpacker traveling alone or in a group we offer you shared dormitories for four up to eight people.

Our 1 and 2 people private suite feature en-suite bathroom, while the others private rooms and dorms have common large bathroom.

Our rooms are equipped with private locker with individual power socket, which make you able to let your electronics items in charge while you don’t have to worry about it. There are personal reading lights on each bed, private cabinet and clothes hanger.

Any bed in any room may be closed with a curtain, ensuring you maximal privacy and keeping lights out of it.

See the list of services an facilities 

  1. Woodland Private Suite with Bathroom

        Who doesn’t like some luxury?   Especially when you are travelling hard since days, sometimes you just want to have a break and enjoy a huge private space the most of the comfort. Our suite represents a perfect solution for a couple or a single traveller who just want to the a luxury […]

    Woodland Private Suite with Bathroom
  2. Edge Triple Private Room

        But the solution is just hand-to-hand…just follow the lines! This triple room fit perfectly to 3 people, maybe a family, a group of friends or a band, but even could be a perfect solution for a couple who is looking for some privacy. Don’t let people break your crayons, and decide when you […]

    Edge Triple Private Room
  3. Harbor 4 Beds Private Room

    At Dopa Hostel we are ready! Just dock yourself and your luggage in this room and you don’t have to worry anymore about it. This small room equipped with 2 bunk beds (for 4 people) will give you the pleasure of keep your small group of friends or your family together. If you take this […]

    Harbor 4 Beds Private Room
  4. Harbor 4 Beds Mixed Dorm

        The harbor dormitory at Dopa Hostel is pretty special! The strong handmade bunk beds will give you an unforgettable experience. Built up with iron and wood, they are just unique in their shape, and thanks to the curtains will keep any bed separated from the rest. In this room you’ll find 2 bunk […]

    Harbor 4 Beds Mixed Dorm
  5. Big Bang 6 Beds Mixed Dorm

    In this room you can breath the story of the hostel! This 6 beds dorms has already an important background, because it was the hub of the hostel works. In this room almost every piece of the furniture was built up. We cut wood, we works iron, we painted, we gave life to Dopa Hostel […]

    Big Bang 6 Beds Mixed Dorm
  6. Caravan 8 Beds Mixed Dorm

        Here we are! A famous sentence say “Less is More”. In this case less is REALLY more, because for a small price you can stay in an huge, cozy and private space. And if you want to get in touch with other people, up to 8, just get out of your space! If […]

    Caravan 8 Beds Mixed Dorm
  7. Flamingo 6 Beds Female Dorm

        Yes, they are. We know how is important have a space where feel more comfortable than a mixed room, and at Dopa Hostel we want to let them feel like at home. But we love Flaming too. So, if you are a woman, just take a ride and find out how big and […]

    Flamingo 6 Beds Female Dorm