Dopa Hostel

Flamingo 6 Bed Female Dorm

Are women really special?




Yes, they are.

We know how important it is to have a space where women can feel more comfortable than in a mixed room, and at Dopa Hostel we want to make everyone feel like home.

But we love Flaming too. So, if you are a woman, just take a ride and find out how big and comfortable our bunk beds are!

If you take a bed in this room, you’ll enjoy:

  • A king size bunk bed equipped with comfortable mattress
  • High quality linen
  • Private cabinet and clothes hanger
  • Private locker with electric socket
  • Private lights and curtains on each bed for complete privacy, even in a dorm room
  • Breakfast included

The bathroom is shared.

1 bed starting from 24 euro p/p.