Dopa Hostel

Why search and get stressed when you can choose us for less?


We have a lot of reasons to say that Dopa Hostel is the best choice for you!


We are based in a great location, just a few minute walk from the central train station, the main hub of Bologna. We are located in the best nightlife area of Bologna, an unforgettable place to enjoy lots of live music and cultural events.


At Dopa Hostel, we’ll give you the tips you need to enjoy your stay in Bologna, where the first University of the world is still an important part of the city, giving the city a young and vibrant footprint.

We want to make you feel really welcome here, and for this reason we want to let you relax in our lounge area after a day popping around the city.

We want you to save money, and for this reason we prepare for you a rich breakfast to enable you to start your day with lots of energy.

We want to make you rest like a king, and for this reason we have large beds where you can store your stuff and safe lockers where you can store your values.

We want to make you feel autonomous, and for this reason there is no curfew.

We want you to feel connected, and for this reason we let you use our computers and wi-fi for free.

We want to be really useful for you: thi is why we rent bikes, do your laundry, and rent towels to you.

The staff of Dopa Hostel works hard every day to keep a high level accommodation for our guests from all over the world, at a budget price.

We wish you to meet other interesting people here, and maybe fall in love with someone! At the same time, we want to give you a special privacy and for this reason we offer to you many types of accommodation. We built up special beds inside our dorms, where you can just close the curtain to find your private space, even in a dorm.