Dopa Hostel

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Let's talk of our mission

Who we are

At the beginning of 2016, we fell in love with a beautiful empty space located in a XIX century building in the heart of Bologna. We started to imagine and design a hostel where guests could feel a warm atmosphere since their first step inside. We wanted to build up a fizzy style combined with Bologna iconic signs.

From then op, we started to work hard to create almost every piece of the hostel on our own, trying to build up a unique and strong identity.

We want to offer a great range of facilities in a great location, surrounded by a lot of excellent restaurants, fancy caf├Ęs and funny live music clubs, and we think we are the best choice for your stay in Bologna. At the right price.

Every day, we try to be a family for all the guests who decide to stay with us, and we try to keep a vibrant and friendly atmosphere inside the hostel to maintain our mission.

Our couthie staff will try to suit every budget, offering single and double private rooms en-suite, double, triple, 4 bed private rooms, 4, 6 and 8 beds shared dorms, and 6 beds dorm rooms for female only guests.

Every guest rests like an angel thanks to the huge size beds and the curtains which guarantee maximum privacy. Every guest is provided with their personal locker, cabinet, clothes hanger and, obviously, clean spaces!

There are plenty of reasons to stop in Bologna for a couple of days, if not more, but remember: the best italian foods can be found here, and you absolutely need to try them if you want to enjoy some of the best authentic Italian taste!