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Instead of telling you how cool we are and how astonishing Dopa Hostel is, we chose to let our guests talk about it.

Have a look at the reviews left by people from all over the world who stayed with us in the past to help you to decide what accomodation to choose in Bologna.


2 thoughts on “Hostel Feedback & Reviews”

  1. Carla says:

    Dopa Hostel is one of the best hostel I’ve stayed. Beds are super comfortable and private, with their own curtain, light and socket. Location is great (just 10 minutes walk from the city centre and maybe about 15 from the train station). The staff was so nice, even though we arrived late we had no issues with the check in and we could leave our luggage there on our check out day. The only ‘but’ I found about the hostel is that there are only 3 full bathrooms for all the rooms, even though I didn’t had to wait for the toilet and shower.
    Even though we only stayed one night, I would highly recommend Dopa Hostel to travelers visiting Bologna.

  2. Morphus says:

    The BEST hostel I’ve ever stayed in – it’s spoilt me forever. This was really a perfect hostel which made me look forward to coming “home”. The reception area, which is also used as a common room, is very welcoming and cosy with great music, and I wanted to hang out there forever. You can also buy drinks and alcohol for reasonable prices (e.g. EUR 1 for a bottle of mineral water). The bathrooms are very big, wonderful-smelling, very clean – in fact better than some hotels I have been in. I took the bus which took 10 mins or less, so I’m not sure how long it takes to walk from the train station, but the owner/receptionist Paris assures me that it is faster to walk. Taking the bus was easy and convenient too. The kitchen is cosy and stocked with an amazing selection of very fragrant tea leaves – you can also cook and I saw many people doing so. I skipped the breakfast as I had a very full eat-inery – i saw yoghurt and cereal in the selection. Also I was lazy to do my own washing-up :p, which is the owner’s only request of you if you take the free breakfast. The entire hostel, including the rooms, is very stylishly decorated and the rooms have themes. The bunk beds are pod/capsule-style with lots of privacy and didn’t make me feel claustrophobic. The mattress was very comfortable – just like my own bed, and they provided plugs next to the bed so you can have your gadgets close to you when you sleep. There is also, very helpfully and innovatively, a plug inside the locker! I only stayed a night but wish I’d stayed there for my entire trip, I didn’t want to leave. There are two fast computers for you to use as well. Before I left I saw a signup sheet for a dinner event where you pay a small amount (I think it was EUR5) for a nice dinner, which was a nice touch for helping guests to mingle.

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